Owner and founder

PADI and FEDAS instructor staff. Port skipper and versatile, professional diver.

Owner and founder of our dive center. After many years working as a professional diver and instructor in the Balearic Islands, l’Estartit and l’Escala opted for the idea of ​​offering divers something more than the simple experience of diving.

Eva will take you to the dive sites always in a good mood so that, during the boat trip, the fun begins before the dive. It is recognized as very meticulous and demanding with the safety of divers and with their buoyancy.


INEF Graduate, PADI Instructor and SSI Assistant Instructor Trainer. Port pattern.

Manager and head of the diving center. Ramon started working at Orca Diving since its creation. One summer came from Barcelona to work for a season and here he stayed! Over the years, Ramon expanded his training while transmitting his knowledge and enthusiasm to hundreds of new divers. In 2019 he decided to go one step further and participate in the management of the project. As the head of the diving center, he will make sure that you do not miss anything during your stay with us. Passionate about sports, he has teaching as a vocation and will try to make you learn something more every day.


Open Water Diver Instructor FEDAS and SSI. Port pattern. Professional diver.

Orca Diving official guide. Jose is passionate about his work and enjoys making you feel, under the sea, at home. He has the urge to make you laugh and have fun. He has been working with us for many years and is already an indispensable part of our team.

Since he was little he has always been attracted to the sea, a great connoisseur of apnea (an activity that he continues to do) and the marine world. He knows the dives like nobody else and he will always take you to the most interesting places with maximum safety.


Open Water Diver Instructor SSI React Right Instructor SSI

Orca Diving instructor. Ariadna is from Alt Empordà and was trained from the beginning in diving in our center. She likes this world so much that, despite being a pediatric dentist, she combines her professional activity with that of an instructor at Orca Diving. She is passionate about nature and any outdoor activity and feels very comfortable underwater, which she transmits at all times. A safe training, being aware of the marine flora and fauna and full of laughter is what you will take with you when you are cared for by her in the water.


Divemaster and Physiotherapy Student
Passionate about water sports and swimmer since she was little. All her life she has been in the water practicing sports, specifically swimming at a high level. A few years ago she started in the world of diving, she was an instant connection and decided to train to start work.
She began her adventure in the world of Orca diving in 2018 and from that moment her dream is to continue learning with us and to be able to guided other people to enjoy and respect the marine environment just like she does. Great passionate about the Costa Brava and its Mediterranean flora and fauna

Professional diver

Assistant Instructor SSI. Professional diver

Roc has been trained since his start in diving in Orca Diving. From the beginning he has collaborated with us learning and absorbing the modus operandi of Orca Diving with enthusiasm and great enthusiasm. Today he is a competent and highly trained Assistant Instructor and has become an indispensable piece of equipment. Roc will make things easier for you when you are with us and will transmit his enthusiasm and energy at all times.


Divemaster and Biotechnology Student

Natalia has been in the sea and in Orca Diving since she was born, thus knowing every corner of the Costa Brava. She is a very cheerful girl and dedicated to her work. She likes to share underwater experiences and lots of smiles!
Natalia is full of energy and enthusiasm to continue learning and pass on her knowledge from her studies in biotechnology. She can ensure confidence and peace of mind in the water while spreading fun and excitement out of it! Natalia will not disappoint you.


SSI Instructor and Salior

Formed from the beginning in Orca, from the first time he got into the water he was fascinated by the movement, the calm and the different changes of light on the seabed. He has gone one step further and has turned passion into a profession to be able to transmit these emotions always with respect, calm and security.

From the moment you arrive at the center he will transmit sympathy and joy to you, and during the immersion calm and security. He seeking a great experience throughout the day.