Reggio Emilia

f_punt31 -reggioDepth 22-35 meters. The Reggio is a wreck of 122 meters; was sunk for the enjoyment of divers. Currently lying on a background of 32 meters, broken into three pieces: aft, central and forward.

Down the coast, we find the stern of Reggio, sunk 32 meters deep in rocky and sandy area. We may also access the wreck down a line attached to the surface buoy.

The wreck is broken into three parts. The first one we found was the stern; after a short tour, and out of their warehouses, we can get to the mast is in the middle area (near the central area of the wreck); much further east lies the bow of Reggio.

If visibility permitting, you can enjoy 20 minutes of no decompression diving and we will have visited one of the wrecks Montgrí area of interest for divers with advanced level. Among other species, lobsters, schools of bream and three tails are guaranteed in this Inmersio.

Finish our dive lurking among the rocks near the coast in search of some hidden octopus.