Puig de la Sardina

f_punt35- puig sardina14-45 meters,  deep diving. Immersion’s advanced level. Puig is an underwater rocky outcrop with three peaks that fail to rise to the surface. The highest peak, where fitted, the place of descent, is situated 14 meters deep. It is in this mound where we dive. Down by the guide out and once on the Puig we choose to continue down to 40 m, or stay on the platform located about 27 meters is performed. The lobsters are hiding waiting holes in this rock.

Initiate the ascent surrounding the Puig, slowly climbing up the wall of the mound without having to enter decompression (depending on the time line). It’s easy to find yellow gorgonians, banks bream, barracuda, moray eels, lobsters and some scorpion fish. If visibility allows us, from the bottom we can see the boat moored to the buoy.

This dive is important to be attentive to the air consumption given the depth.