Pota de Llop

pota del llopDepth 20-50 meters. At the tip of the Pota Llop the cliff walls are vertical below the surface over 50 feet in some sections. The dive starts on the mooring buoy or swimming at the surface to reach the cliffs Llop Pota. In this gentle descent we’ll drop to a ledge located about 16 meters; depending on the level of diver, you can choose to continue to decline or remain at this level.

If we go down to visit the tunnels of the Llop Pota, we must follow the right wall to a depth of 51 meters (only suitable for very experienced divers); we can enter one to admire the large lobsters hide here. Going up the wall and about 30 feet, find the entrance of another tunnel. It is recommended to keep climbing up to the northeast wall that will protect us in order to complete decompression probably necessary after this dive.

Area stunning underwater scenery when visibility permits.