Pedra de Deu

pedra de deuDepth 4-42 meters. The Pedra de Deu is a small rock protruding approximately 1 meter on the surface. The small visible obstacle surface is only a preliminary to what awaits us in the dive, as it seems to separate from the wall but is attached to the Meda Gran step by a submarine. Find arches and shallow cracks, suitable for inexperienced divers.

For those with more experience, we recommend the following itinerary: start descending a slope formed by boulders dislodged from the cliffs. One of these large stones, situated 27 meters, indicates that our way is the right to surround the Pedra de Deu on its right side. If we go down deeper, we start diving for the Northeast side of the stone and down the wall to get to the bottom at 42 meters and find the entrance to a cave where you do not spend a lot of time as the travel awaits us is still long; ascending the left we head south to a sheltered place for decompression.

Meros large, many gorgonians, and golden bream with us for this dive.