Rescue Diver

PADI Rescue Diver

Building on the knowledge already acquired, the content of this training level develops a sense of responsibility towards oneself and towards diving companions.
How can problematic situations be prevented? How should you react in emergency situations?

The course programme includes 5 theoretical topics: Self-rescue and diver stress, diving first aid, handling emergencies and considerations related to equipment. These theoretical issues will be worked on in classes, through knowledge reviews and a final test.
In the 5 practice sessions in the sea we conduct examples of real emergency situations that we may find: divers who become tired, who panic, and who encounter problems underwater, problems with equipment, underwater search and rescue…

• 4-5 days.

• To be certified as an ADVANCED OPEN WATER DIVER or equivalent.
• Diving insurance.
• Certified first-aid training.
• 40 dives registered in your log-book at the end of the course.
• Medical certif. authorising the practice of underwater activities.

Price includes:
• Diving equipment.
• Study kit for each learner.
• Certificate.

Price for one person: 325€

Price for 4 persons or more: 300€