Open Water Diver


On completion of this course you will have a certificate that is valid worldwide to dive independently in open waters up to depths of 20 m.
The minimum age is 15 years old, but you can complete the OWD Junior course from 10 onwards.

The content of this course will provide you with the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary to be able to thoroughly enjoy the underwater environment.

owThe theory of the course includes 5 modules that are fully developed in the teaching material provided and complemented with classes, knowledge reviews and a final test.

The practical sessions include exercises that will gradually teach you how to get around in the water. These include 5 modules of confined water or swimming pool and four sea dives up to a maximum depth of 18 meters.


  • 4-5 days that can either be consecutive or spread over two weekends: we adapt to your particular needs. Contact us for more information.


  •  Min. age 12 years for the Jr. OWD and 15 for the OWD.
  • Medical certif. authorising the practice of underwater activities.

Price includes:

  • Diving equipment.
  • Study kit for each learner.
  • Diving insurance.
  • Logbook.
  • Certificate.

It costs 395€ per person.

It cost 360€ per person in group of 4 people.