Les Vetes

f_punt26Depth 12 to 25 meters. In Les Vetes we can, if we wish, we do cave diving; who do not wish to delve into them, they can simply choose to stretch the funds arm of rock that forms the tip.

On the south wall of the cove we find an arc that crosses the arm of rock, about 17 m at its outer face we will surprise a few blocks detached from the cliffs with lots of marine fauna. Bordering on the left side we will going back to the creek to delve between the corridors formed by the fallen rock. The whole journey takes about 18 meters.

For those wishing to visit the caves, it is advisable to start with the Cathedral in which will access through a grand entrance at 19 meters. It is a large cave, unos18 m, about 40 meters long and with a large air dome on your roof. Inside the Cathedral there are branches to consider. Leaving the Cathedral on the left, a hallway with background limo take us diagonally to the other end of the cove.

We suggest that these caves they are accompanied by one of our experienced guides.

Immersion is easy on your journey north wall as it continues throughout the dive to a depth suitable for all levels.