Les Ferranelles

Depth 5-22 meters. The island of Les Ferranelles is characterized by the extraordinary richness and variety of fish. We are a small island Ferranelles emerging approximately two meters on the surface. Diving minor difficulty is to surround and prowl around to watch the numerous large scorpion fish, groupers and morays that usually inhabit these funds.

Divers more advanced levels, and if the currents that sometimes occur here permit, can go from Les Ferranelles towards Tasco Great; in the passage that forms between these two islands is secured in the summer, the sighting of a school of barracuda. If these two criteria and dives have been made in any other previous dive, we can direct toward Escrivana.

This is a set of rocks (three in total) which is located towards the east of the mooring buoy. Taking a good reference and compass to guide us we can reach this rocky outcrop that descends to 37 meters which can be seen many large gorgonians, since the passage of divers is not common in this area. The ascent must be made to the North Escrivana to find the sandy bottom that tells us that we are entering the corridor formed by the islets as described above.