Les Cambres

f_punt06 - les cambresDepth 5-22 meters. Suitable area for the second dive of the day; suitable for all levels.

In this area the maximum depth reaches 22 meters ideal for groups Open Water or trainees to sea. The route is simple if we do not lose sight of the right wall. Leave from 7 meters to 22 meters that reach up to the tip of Trencabraços. Back, go round the huge stone that rises to the surface through a beautiful hall where we can find some conger lurking in his hole. Now back to the boat, looking remount Creek soil between rocks octopuses and moray eels.

For the more experienced there is a tunnel on the wall a few meters boat mooring, which leads to the other side of the tip, leaving the left side of the Cala Montgo. The tunnel is narrow in some sections but no major ramifications. Although not complicated, it is advisable to go with a guide if it is the first time you cross.

Access to the area is only possible by boat.