Las Setas

f_punt32 setasDepth 22 to 30 meters. Before reaching the Ferriola we found a little frecuentad diving area that offers the added benefit of not meeting other boats anchored in the same spot.

The dive begins shortly before reaching the island of Ferriola. Entre Les Three Coves and the island we found a beautiful rocky area with shapes resembling a mushroom, (hence the name) and are beautiful canyons that will allow us to observe beautiful views against the rocks while banks castanets, bream and vogues swim quietly, offering some nice pictures that make this such a special scuba diving. Also, near the bottom, between the rocks and always to be alert to the many holes, not hard to find moray eels, octopus, lobsters or lobsters, besides the small life like nudibranchs or Spirographs thousand ways that both acknowledge the good observers.

This immersion allows adapting diving at all levels, can take refuge in the creek Ferriola to give us a quiet walk in shallow water and clear, ideal for those with less experience.