La Pedrosa

f_punt33Depth 20-33 meters. Diver’s experience, we can choose the itinerary. The tunnel through the island of Pedrosa, about 70 meters long, is completely straight, very wide and high, so that presents no difficulty. Find the entrance at 1 meter where the surface forms a crack, or 16 m in the west side of the island.

At all times you can see the light in and out, providing security during travel. Walls plastered with coral, sponges and anemones colors and backlighting that can be admired in his side lift, making it one of the most beautiful places tunnels. Upon exiting the east side, the tunnel reaches 21 meters; for more experienced divers, it is recommended to turn the island on your left side. Those who have ever visited the tunnel, can go up cliffs there and enjoy a dive between coralligenous blocks located below 30 meters.

Corvallos, bream, sea fans and coral are secured throughout the dive.