La Ferriola

f_punt28 - la ferriolaDepth 4 – 30 meters. One of the most popular dives are performed by the variety of courses that can be done. Describe a pair.

Once the boat moored to the west of the large island, descend the wall and found himself immediately with a wide tunnel that has its entrance at 16 meters; I will cross to head eastwards with a background of 30 meters. Here we will see some blocks grouped where all kinds of wildlife live. On the way back we can go around the island, on the left side, as it is rich in wildlife, rather than re-cross the tunnel because surely something muddied over the divers.

Another route for mid-level divers will skirt the small islet keeping an eye on the orientation and enjoying the variety of species found in our wake.

This is an easy dive, especially with regard to guidance is concerned, but is not protected from passing ships.