El Salpatxot

salpatxotDepth 16-23 metros.Conjunto rocky over 4 meters high , divided into small groups of two or three blocks that create corridors and covered in yellow and red gorgonians. The dive starts descending the mooring buoy moored about 16 meters and direction is taken to L’ Estartit where the rocks that can be seen on the map. Throughout this whole journey between corridors and small holes on the blocks, we can see different sized groupers .

For a good itinerary is recommended to make a triangle first course , second course and third course towards west buoy Northeast. In the second course we dive near the wall of the Meda Gran, seagrass area where a lot of pen shells of large size , species found only in the Mediterranean and you need very clean water for their development lies ; therefore, the presence of this large bivalve as a bioindicator of water pollution . In the third course we’ll be near the jetty and we can enjoy easy diving end of this area.