El Marmoler

f_punt12 marmolerDepth 38-44 m . This is a real wreck and that was not expressly sunk. It sank in 1971 probably due to bad weather and other adverse conditions. The ship was carrying Carrara marble that still lies in their warehouses .

This wreck is something difficult angle but still standing at 42 m depth and the hull is intact .

The bow portion points north and south aft . The tour usually starts visiting the wineries and covered as long as visibility allows. The funding is usually stern, but always make sure and it is highly advisable to install a guide out because normalment visibility is not very good at this point , but during the months of July and August , sometimes have had the pleasantly surprised to be viewed from only 15 m deep.

The fauna is extraordinarily abundant, large and often hidden in holes in the boat. It is easy to see sunfish , crayfish, lobster and huge banks of three tails .

Diving only suitable for experienced and advanced level divers.