Cova de la Vaca

f_punt42 - la vacaDepth 10-35 m . From the mooring buoy we head for the surface to the wall of the Punta Galera. Descending on it will find the first entry in the Cova de la Vaca , about 12 mtrs. begin the tour of their tunnels. If we ignore this first entry , continue along the same wall on the left where you ‘ll find another entrance about 18 mtrs.

The path in this route is straight and can see the light output which is situated 27 mtrs . Parallel to this tunnel (and within) there is a dark tunnel 1 mtrs. wide that no great difficulty. In the North exit ( which is located 27 mtrs.) there are blocks of rocks overhanging cliffs , full of life .

Here have large groupers and eagle ray in a roundabout waiting for divers often . The walls of the path are full of gorgonia. The most experienced and properly equipped for this dive , divers can visit the Barda del Sastre.

Putting us in the same wall Galera diving begin descending eastwards . From the 28 mtrs. find some blocks (we indicate that the direction taken is the right one) and traveling 50 mtrs. more straight, reach the Barda del Sastre , located 35 mtrs. and down to 50 mtrs. In this underwater profile will see the largest colony of red coral and sea fans . The return will be made direct to the mooring buoy or direct to the Coast to make the safety stop.