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PADI Staff Instructor PADI/ FEDAS. Skipper. Profesional Diver

Director and creator of the diving centre. After many years working as an instructor in the Balearic Islands, L’Estartit and L’Escala, Eva came up with the idea of offering the diver something more than just diving.

She is the official skipper of Orca Diving who, with the invaluable assistance of our friend “Choco”, will take you to the diving spots in good spirits ensuring that the fun starts during the boat trip even before the dive begins.

RAMON MAURI ramonweb Graduate in INEF, Instructor PADI and Assistant Instructor Trainer SSI. Port skipper Ramon, started on Orca from day one. It came a summer from Barcelona to work for a season and here it is! After several years training divers at the dive center, he decided to take a break and dedicate himself to his family. Now he’s back with the batteries loaded to take over and manage the project. Passionate about sports, he has teaching as his vocation and he will try to teach you something more every day.


Marine Biologist, PADI/ SSI Instructor, Port skipper. Profesional Diver.

After studying marine biology and work in different parts of the world, he decides to return to his hometown where he learned to dive, to work with what he likes best, the sea. Without hesitating a moment Ariadna will suit to show “his lovely Montgr’s coast” The courses offered Ariadna not only provide security but learning marine species are guaranteed. Ariadna unwittingly transmits and extracts of his students a smile every morning although there made them up early !!!

      jose navasJOSE NAVAS PADI OWSI Instructor SSI/PADI/FEDAS, Port skipper. Profesional Diver Jose has no boundaries to their work. Enjoy making you feel at home under the sea. It has the “need” to make you laugh and have fun. It takes only two years working with us but … it is an indispensable part of our team. Since childhood he has always been drawn to the sea, an expert apnea (activity continues) and the marine world. It is now located in the Empordà and does not intend to move !!   image1ARIADNA MONTERO Dive master PADI/SSI Ariadna is of Alt Empordà and formed from the first moment with Orca Diving. She likes this world so much that, despite being a dentist, she combines her professional activity with scuba diving in our center. He loves nature, any outdoor activity and feels very comfortable under water, which will transmit to you at all times. A safe, conscious dive with marine flora and fauna and full of laughter is what you will take when you go with her to the water.